“ Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom”

Welcomes You!

We are extremely proud and joyful to invite you all for visiting to this Website on the eve of GOLDEN JUBILEE year of the School.

Vimala Matha, Holy Mother Mary, the patron of the school is our guiding star in this Educational endeavour Vimala Matha family, sing praises to the Eucharistic Lord with hearts full of gratitude for His abundant blessings during the last 5 decades.

Vimala Matha UP school was started in 1962 and upgraded to HS in 1983, Higher Secondary section was got sanctioned as unaided in the year.

  • News & Events Overall Championship for Work experience in Kalloorkadu Sub District Sastramela, held at Ayyavana HS.
  • Our Goal To offer ourselves as pleasing sacrifice to God for the reparation of the sins of the world and to bring the entire creation to the Heavenly Father through the Eucharistic Lord.
  • Our Identity Our identity lies in being genuine adorers, in truth and spirit with Jesus who is ever present in the Holy Eucharist. Fulfilling always the will of God in everything, we surrender our life as a sacrifice, and offer constant worship to Him.